Terms & Conditions

Agreement Overview

The terms are subject to the general terms and conditions by WEB 360 PRO (Treefrog Design Associates Ltd). The client acknowledges they are accepting these terms that are part of the agreement. If any conflict occurs with the general terms and conditions by Treefrog Design Associates Ltd then these terms and conditions should be taken as correct.

The terms apply to all clients (existing and future) of Web 360 Pro

The solution is reflective of WEB 360 PRO providing a website on the instruction of the client. The client acknowledges the website remains intellectual property of WEB 360 PRO for the payment contract period (until the website is paid for in full).

All costs given do not include VAT.

Delivery of Project

The client understands that, due to the nature of software and website development, WEB 360 PRO cannot guarantee that the website will be uninterrupted or completely error free for the duration of its lifetime.

WEB 360 PRO will deliver your website with reasonable skill.

All emails between the client and the company may be kept on file or recorded for both business and internal requests.

Solution Overview

The solution is only available to those over the legal age of 18.

The base WEB 360 PRO Solution (with no additional features or functionality) includes the following items:

- Responsive website built on WordPress
- Up to 5 website pages (up to @750 words)
- Shared hosting via a UK hosting company
- Google My Business Profile
- Local Keywords used where possible
- Good usability design followed to the best of our knowledge
- Free .co.uk or .com domain name for 24 months where available
- Code will be optimised with Gzip and minified documents
- Clean & modern design (within WEB 360 PRO’s subjective opinion)
- Email forward

Any functionality or content not listed above should be considered as not included by default. Any extra functionally or content will be charged additional.

After completion of the online form, WEB 360 PRO may provide the client with a no-obligation phone consultation, to discuss the requirements of the client and their chosen options.

The client will then receive an example of their website on a test link prior to the website going live. The test link and all the contents at this point are fully in the control of, and intellectual property of, WEB 360 PRO. The website will be built in accordance to the spec and instructions supplied by the client.

Once the first main payment has then been received, the project and agreement is considered binding. An agreement to the final balance and payment plan is now in place. Delays are possible and timescales may be different to as advertised during busy periods.

WEB 360 PRO will have access and control over the website until the end of the 24 month contract or until the balance is paid in full. Thereafter, WEB 360 PRO will only make amends when instructed to once the website is live.

WEB 360 PRO will supply a single image for the homepage of the website unless otherwise specified. The client may purchase additional images or provide their own for use within the website if they of sufficient quality. Any images supplied by the client are in agreement that they are the client’s own material or the client has the correct permissions and licenses to use the images without being in breach of any intellectual property laws. It is a requirement and acknowledgment that the client accepts all responsibility to ensure they have the correct rights for use and it is not for WEB 360 PRO to check.

WEB 360 PRO has the right to refuse the use of provided images or other content if WEB 360 PRO suspect it may infringe on intellectual property laws.

The client understands that and agrees to fully indemnify WEB 360 PRO against all claims brought against WEB 360 PRO by the client publishing copyright or legally infringed content that breaks any law.

Any images supplied by WEB 360 PRO are supplied to the client and for use only on the website and in the format specified at the time. If no file type is specified then this will be considered a .jpg or .jpeg file.

WEB 360 PRO will transfer the physical control of the website content to the client once the website is complete and live.

WEB 360 PRO does not accept any liability for any functionally or design errors made/caused by the client, any third party or others once the login details have been supplied to the client upon website sign off and first payment.

Once the website is live, if the client needs the help of WEB 360 PRO to maintain, amend or fix the website in any way, then this is classed as additional work. This includes errors caused by the client or any third party. This will be charged pro rata at the hourly rate of £65.00 per hour.

WEB 360 PRO will contact you up to 3 months prior to the end of the 24 month contract. This will detail the options at the end of the contract.

Solution Overview

The client shall be able to see the website prior to entering the contracted agreement. In the event the client wishes to make more than 5 minor changes to the content or specification of the website, the client understands that WEB 360 PRO is not obliged to make the changes. If WEB 360 PRO can make the changes requested, WEB 360 PRO will notify the client of any additional charges that may be payable and will only be implemented once written confirmation is received to proceed.

Any future changes need to be requested in writing and no action will be taken until any quotation is agreed to.

If any further work is required or requested that is not quoted or priced for will be charged at £65.00 per hour.

The client understand that WEB 360 PRO will not offer bespoke graphic design skills (image editing, bespoke graphics, logo design) as part of the default service offering but these items may be available at an additional cost.

Any additional quotes are only valid when supplied to the client in writing and are fixed for up to 30 days. After that, WEB 360 PRO reserves the right to re-quote accordingly.

Additional meetings than those specified in the solution overview will incur additional costs.

Additional functionality can be added at a later date. The cost will be as listed on the live site at time of enquiry and an additional admin fee may apply.

Hosting & Domains

The solution will include hosting on a shared server, supplied by a UK based provider. Hosting is included only for the duration of the 24 month contract. After that period the client is required to pay an annual hosting fee (paid annually). The annual cost will be the cost of the hosting plan at the time of the contract expiration date.

The solution will include a .co.uk or .com domain name, supplied and included for the duration of the 24 month contract. After that period the client is required to pay an annual domain renewal fee (paid annually). The annual cost will be the cost of the domain renewal at the time of the contract expiration.

The supplied list of available domains will be correctly available at the time the list was sent. WEB 360 PRO are not responsible should any of these become unavailable.

WEB 360 PRO reserves the right to make changes or terminate the hosting plan at any time should there be any excessive use. This includes but is not limited to maxing out bandwidth or disk space.


It is acknowledged that WordPress is third party, open source software. Designed to be used to power websites, blogs and applications.

WordPress requires on-going maintenance to install and update plugins to increase security to keep the software secure and further protect against hacking. This is the responsibility of the client and WEB 360 PRO will not install updates unless requested to by the client for which will incur an additional charge.

All websites with Content Management Systems (CMS) incorporate inbuilt security functionality (username and password logins). Clients are responsible for changing login information on a regular basis to help keep the Content Management System secure.


It is acknowledged that the client has proof read all content supplied by WEB 360 PRO for use on the website once the first payment is taken. Any changes after this may incur an additional charge at the standard hourly rate.

Content for niche or highly specialised services we may require further input from the client than initially submitted.

Content is optimised for local search results. If the client does not wish to use local search terms or their business does not fit the use of local search terms, local search results may vary.

Local search is targeted using the keywords supplied on sign up.

Search Engine Visibility

The search engine controls the order that websites rank in organic search results. While we can optimise your site for this, we are unable to make any guarantees about the success of any search engine promotion activity.

Any amends to content from the content suggested or once the website is live, may effect search engine listings/positioning.

WEB 360 PRO has been developed with the aim to list the website successfully within a single local environment (Town/City). Successful listings are measured by appearing between pages 1-5 on Google in the map location, business profile or organic listing. Once the website is live, there is a 6 months grace period for this to appear.

After 6 months an SEO Booster might be suggested if competition is high. At no point will compensation be in place should your website not rank.

Fees & Payments

The solution will be charged from £36.00 + VAT per month with a discount available for yearly payments. The final total will depend on the client’s final needs and chosen solution following the phone consultation. The client will receive an email breakdown of the total cost for the solution with a requirement to accept that both payment plan and these terms and conditions have been read and understood.

Following the acceptance of the website design via the test link, if the client should wish to proceed with the solution, they are required to pay the first months subscription. Paying the first payment enters the client into a 24 month contract with the agreement to pay the specified total over the indicated payment plan.

Details of the payment plan and fees included will be outlined to the client prior to the website going live and first payment being made.

PayPal takes payment automatically via their subscription service. If a payment is not made, your account will be automatically moved into a cancellation period. This is a 30 day period of grace (where your website is assigned to be cancelled should payment not be made or we do not hear from you). We will aim to contact you via both email and telephone. Should the cancellation period complete, we will issue an invoice for the contract termination fee and your website will be removed.

If you need to cancel your contract within the 24 months, we will issue an invoice for the contract termination fee and your website will be removed.

Payment will be taken on or around the date in relation to the first payment. Until the 24 month contract is complete, there will be an outstanding balance on the account.

At any time, WEB 360 PRO reserves the right to remove, terminate or suspend the site should any terms be broken or if the website is used for any other theme of content other than that specified at the time of going live. Or if WEB 360 PRO believe the client to be undertaking any illegal or inappropriate activity via the website.


Support will be offered during the build of the website. Once the website is live, additional support will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Intellectual Property

WEB 360 PRO holds all intellectual property rights until the payment plan is completed and paid in full.

Copy created for the site is licensed for the purpose of the website and created for the client under the terms of these conditions

The content, if created or supplied by the client, will be the property of the client and not WEB 360 PRO.

Should the contract be cancelled prior to the completion of the payment plan, the client is not authorised to use any images, design or text that was supplied by WEB 360 PRO.

Any software or web systems provided as part of the project may be subject to a separate software license agreement.

Copyright of all photographic images remains with the photographer or photo library unless otherwise arranged in advance.

WEB 360 PRO reserves the right to use any website designs or testimonials for publicity purposes, including but not limited to: portfolio, social media, and printed materials such as flyers.


If a website is breached or hacked, all work to reinstate the site to its previous stature will be charged accordingly.

WEB 360 PRO cannot be held responsible for problems that develop on sites after they have been handed over to the client (at the start of the payment plan or first payment), even if they exist on the provided third-party hosting.

WEB 360 PRO is not responsible for any alterations to the WordPress or any other third-party software including the operation, appearance and content.

WEB 360 PRO is also not responsible if any software is made publicly unavailable at any time.

If a WordPress plugin is no longer supported there will be an appropriate charge to install a new solution.

The client accepts WEB 360 PRO is not liable for any issues with third party plugins used within the clients website that are beyond the control of WEB 360 PRO.

If the ‘automatic update’ feature is switched on, then WEB 360 PRO is not liable for any issues or damages caused as a result of these updates. Any work to restore the site to the previous state will incur an additional cost.

Any hosting issues experienced are not the responsibility of WEB 360 PRO.

WEB 360 PRO utilises third party servers and undertakes no liability whatsoever for the acts or omissions of other providers of telecommunication service or for faults in or failures of their apparatus.

Any domain issues experienced are not the responsibility of WEB 360 PRO.

WEB 360 PRO is not in any way liable in contract or otherwise for loss whether direct or indirect of business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure, corruption or destruction of data or for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever.

WEB 360 PRO offers no warranty as regards to its services or equipment and will not be responsible for any damage allegedly suffered or claimed by you for any reason including but not limited to loss of data, wrong or non deliveries and service interruptions.